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About Us

Synergy Capital Management is an Oklahoma based Registered Investment Advisor firm. With more than 50 years of combined experience we have been serving Oklahoma families, businesses, and non-profit institutions since 1998.

As advisors it is our proud duty and obligation to educate and inform our community on the financial markets and their effects with the purpose of providing a sense of security and peace of mind regardless of your relationship to our firm. Serving you is the heart of our business; clients, friends, family, and community members.

“A Beacon Shining Brightly on that Rocky Shore Called Wall Street.”
I would like to elaborate on that statement and my view of an ideal advisory practice. Wall Street does indeed have rocky shores. But this is a good thing, because where there is risk, there will be return because they are different sides of the same coin. You’re on a ship called “the journey”, and your destination is retirement. And to get to retirement, you must navigate your way through the rocky shores of Wall Street and investing.

Yes, there is risk. But that does not mean you have to be exposed. By building lighthouses and beacons, we can stay on course and avoid those dangerous rocks that sink a ship in a matter a minutes. The beacon has not completely eliminated the risk, but has shown light on the path we need to take to reach the destination retirement. Even with the beacon, we realize we must stay focused because there will always be unplanned interruptions. However, as your advisors who have been entrusted with so much, we proudly accept the responsibility of getting you there safely, peacefully and soundly. Although we cannot take out all ups and downs and sea sickness occasionally caused from the waves, we can guide you, never losing sight of that final destination called “peace of mind.”

Daniel Meek